Gmail emails to appear in Google search results — too close for comfort

Is this when Google finally jumps the shark?

About a month ago I decided to phase out my use of Gmail in favor of my own domain email. I appended a note to that effect to my Gmail signature, asking my correspondents to update their address books (update yours now).

Atanas Entchev Gmail signature
Atanas Entchev Gmail signature

As if to validate my decision, Google announced yesterday that Gmail emails will now appear in Google search results (in an exclusive “field trial”). If anyone needs more evidence of the disconnect between Google and its users, here you have it.

Has Google completely lost touch with reality and its users? What sane person could possibly think that people want more Google in their lives? “Features” like that make me wonder who is running the show at Google, and don’t they have more mature advisers there.

PS “Google jumps the shark” returns 11,900,000 results on Bing.

PPS An excerpt from a comment to the above-referenced TNW article:

This is a terrible idea. It assumes I’m the only person who ever looks at my screen or uses my device. This assumption is false.