30 Deeds Cycle for Survival

A few months ago my friend Jon Verpent started the blog , where he has been documenting the thirty good deeds he wants to complete before his thirtieth birthday.

I am excited to be part of Deed #10 TBD – a event, raising money for cancer research. Team 30 Deeds will be riding on March 3, 2013, in the in Manhattan.

I invite you to support Team 30 Deeds by:

  • Riding on the team (inquire)
  • Spreading the word

Do what you can.

UPDATE February 15, 2013: If you want to donate by PayPal (which Cycle for Survival does not accept) you can send your PayPal donation to me using the button below. I will in turn enter it into the Cycle for Survival system in your name.

30 Deeds Cycle for Survival

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