Why Angie Miller will win American Idol 2013

Angie Miller will win Season 12 of American Idol simply because , by far. She has been so, consistently, since March 22, 2013, when I started keeping weekly tabs on the contestants’ Twitter following.

There is no conspiracy. The show is not rigged (for Angie to win, anyway; it might be rigged in other ways and for other purposes).

See for yourself in this aggregated chart (below):

American Idol 2013 contestants Twitter followers composite chart
American Idol 2013 contestants Twitter followers composite chart


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  2. Kathy Locke

    Do you know of the validity of the site Dialidol.com which measures the busy signals and calls? Have been following it for some time. Under the “raw numbers” stats for Wed May 8th, each of Angie’s 3 phone lines had received more calls than any of the other two girls’ lines.
    Also, as a New Englander and serious Angie fan, I was only willing to stay up and vote from after the show at 10EST until my bedtime, one hour. How many hours do Texans have to vote before their bedtime in that time zone?

    • Thank you for your comment. I was only recently made aware of dialidol.com, but their observations confirm my hypothesis. I would love to hear from more Angie Twitter followers — whether they voted for her (how many times?), and if not — why.

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