Android 4.3 “improvements”

[UPDATE October 14, 2013] Android still allows itself to be taken down by Snapchat. This began on August 5, 2013 with the release of Android 4.3, and continues to this day. Just how secure is Android?


[UPDATE October 9, 2013] Snapchat points the finger at Google, says a bug in the Nexus 4 Android 4.3 operating system — an issue out of Snapchat’s control — is to blame for the device crashes and reboots.


[UPDATE September 13, 2013] Snapchat still crashes the phone, after 3 Snapchat updates and one Android update. Phone vibrates for about ten seconds, like it’s in the throes of death. Then reboots. Why is it so easy to crash the phone?


As a proud owner of The Google Phone (a.k.a. Nexus 4), I was excited about the release of Android 4.3 (codename “occam”), and promptly installed it. So far I have seen the following “improvements”:

  • Snapchat crashes and reboots the device (as described and discussed in )
  • Some Instagram filters have adopted a weird green hue, as seen in the image below [UPDATE August 8, 2013] Instagram relased an update this morning, and the green hue is gone
  • No other damage so far
  • [UPDATE August 23, 2013] Three (three!!!) Snapchat updates after the release of Andriod 4.3, and the crashes seem to have disappeared. I applaud Snapchat, but keep wondering why Google/Android hasn’t taken any action. It seems to me that now Snapchat knows how to crash Android but chooses not to. Android watches idly and passively.
  • [UPDATE August 24, 2013] Snapchat crashed and rebooted the phone.
  • [UPDATE August 27, 2013] Android 4.3 updated itself to 4.3. Weird numbering sequence, but whatever. As long as the device stops crashing and rebooting, I’m cool. Snapchat hasn’t crashed since the 4.3 to 4.3 update, but I haven’t used it much. Unconfirmed reports from another Nexus 4 user indicate that the crashes still occur, although less frequently. Same user reports that friend with iPhone 4 also complains about Snapchat crashing their phone.

Now before you say that Snapchat and Instagram are silly and don’t I have anything better to do, let me say that this is not about Snapchat or Instagram or any application per se. I am bewildered that an advanced OS like Android would allow a previously-installed application to repeatedly crash the device following an OS upgrade. No matter what the cause of the crash, it’s not the app’s fault.


  1. Hypothetically if the app used the OS’s APIs wrong and after the OS update fixing a bug that was letting the app bypass and work fine now make it crash it isn’t the OS fault. So the cause of the crash do matter!

    • Thank you for your comment. While I technically agree with you, from a high-level-design point of view this shouldn’t be happening. The OS should not allow itself to be taken down by a malfunctioning or a rogue application.

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