Poll: Who is at fault in the Snapchat – Google standoff?

A mobile app I had been using for a while (Snapchat) began crashing after an operating system upgrade (Android 4.2 to 4.3). Not only does the app crash, but it takes down and reboots the device. To me this clearly points to an operating system vulnerability, and the app maker went on the record to say so.

Nothing unusual so far. What happens next is unusual. Firstly, the OS maker (Google) keeps mum for 227 days and counting. Secondly, Google does nothing to fix the problem for 227 days and counting. And thirdly, people on social media blame the app for the crashes.

That last one is the reason for this poll. Do you think an app maker should be responsible for the OS’s stability?

[UPDATE April 30, 2014] I was just made aware that WhatsApp and Skype also crash an Android device identical to mine after the OS update. So this is CLEARLY not Snapchat’s fault.

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