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Lydia’s Story at the New Jersey Film Festival

Lydia’s Story is a short documentary — an intimate account of civil war, Nazi invasion, and the post-WWII American immigration experience. The story is told through the eyes of Lydia Rohowich Zakrewsky, who was born in Belorusia in 1929, and lives today in Milltown, New Jersey.

Lydia's Story at the New Jersey Film Festival
Lydia’s Story at the New Jersey Film Festival

The 30-minute film was produced, written, and directed by my friends Alex Zakrewsky and Heather Fenyk, and will be screened as part of the official selection at the on October 5, 2014. Come see it — you’ll be glad you did.

Disclosure: I was paid to develop the .

I was into Mongolian folk metal before it was cool

My favorite Mongolian folk metal band is Nine Treasures, but you have probably never heard of them.

The folk elements of the band’s music mostly come from two instruments: the morin khuur, a traditional two-stringed ; and the balalaika, a triangular Russian folk instrument that sounds a bit like a mandolin and typically has three strings. –


Grimmie is the new Aguilera

“The Voice” contestant Christina Grimmie blows me away. Her  of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” is currently , ahead of John Legend, Idina Menzel, and Justin Timberlake. Way ahead of coach Shakira (35) and the next closest contestant Audra McLaughlin (40).

I predict that Christina Grimmie will win The Voice, hands down.

Below is Christina’s rendition of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” for the blind auditions.