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You should totally order the 2015 GeoHipster calendar

Why order the ? Because, for one, you need a 2015 calendar. But also because the calendar features the work of thirteen amazing cartographers from all over the world, like this map below from the month of April. The calendar is packed with cartographic art, which will brighten your room year-long. Finally, because your purchase will help keep running ad-free.

So order one for yourself, and several more for holiday gifts.

2015 GeoHipster calendar - April - Map by Bill Morris
2015 GeoHipster calendar – April – Map by Bill Morris
GeoHipster 2015 Calendar cover layout

IMPORTANT! The screenshot below is intended ONLY to give an overview of the overall layout — which map goes on which page, etc. When you order the 2015 calendar, you will get the 2015 calendar. You can verify this by reviewing each individual page online before you order.

GeoHipster 2015 Calendar 12-month layout

Prescription sunglasses for $20

I don’t do “sponsored” posts, but this will probably look like one so I feel I must say it: This is NOT a paid post.

It’s a brave new world, and you are invited

I have been wearing glasses for over fifteen years. Every time my prescription goes up (about every other year or so) I must shell out $500 or more for new lenses and new prescription sunglasses. No more.

The folks at made me these wonderful new prescription sunglasses for a fraction of what I would have paid at the mall store. You order online, you choose from thousands of stylish frames, you upload your prescription info, you choose the type of lens. They mail you brand new glasses (frames, lenses), case, and a cleaning cloth in about a week.

My new prescription sunglasses from Zenni Optical
My new prescription sunglasses from Zenni Optical

PS I opted for the higher-end polarized lenses, so these glasses cost more than $20. But I could have had the same frames with prescription tinted lenses for about $20.

Amazing art or ugly map?

[UPDATE April 24, 2014] This “ugly” map bears a striking visual resemblance to the . So yeah.


As a map geek I have been looking at all kinds of maps for 20 years. No map can surprise me, or so I thought until today. I just saw the amazingest map ever, reproduced below with permission ().

Imagine my shock when I found out that this map was the winner of an “Ugliest map” contest, conducted by at the University of Minnesota. Do you agree? Do you think this is an ugly map, or amazing art? Vote in the poll below the map.

[UPDATE April 01, 2014 (no joke)] The map creator is Daniel Taylor — “a very successful undergrad” at the University of Minnesota (via Prof. Hecht).

Amazing art or ugly map?
Amazing art or ugly map?


Tag Heuer Monaco watch in Breaking Bad and Sherlock (BBC version)

It looks like (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy), which owns , has shelled out some big bucks to have the appear on the wrists of Walter White and Dr. Watson — major characters in the TV shows and , respectively.

The Monaco is undoubtedly a lovely timepiece, and LVMH is clearly putting a lot of resources into its promotion. However, I don’t think a square watch will ever come close to the iconic status of or (later) , which is clearly what LVMH is gunning for.

Tag Heuer Monaco watch Breaking Bad Walter White Sherlock Dr. Watson collage
Tag Heuer Monaco watch Breaking Bad Walter White Sherlock Dr. Watson collage

You can buy the watch from Amazon:

Austin-Healey Sprite spotted in the wild

I spotted this beauty during a recent bike ride in a local New Jersey park. The (aka Bugeye) was introduced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) in 1958. This car is my contemporary, give or take a few years. Wow.

Austin-Healy Sprite aka Bugeye British Motor Corporation sports car 1958
Austin-Healy Sprite aka Bugeye British Motor Corporation (BMC) sports car 1958

How to respond to graffiti

I give you two ways to respond to graffiti, both found on the twitters. You can either hire someone to remove the graffiti (left), or you can ironically embrace them and ironically turn them into an ironical piece of art. Ironically, of course. Or maybe sarcastically (right).

Two ways to respond to graffiti
Two ways to respond to graffiti

Here is a full transcript of the bathroom graffiti label:


Lincoln, NE. 1996

I Lack Creativity, 2011

sharpie on drywall: 35 x 48 cm

In an attempt to abandon aesthetics, I Lack Creativity by Anonymous showcases an antiquated hieroglyph that has remained unchanged since the late 70s. Here, Anon makes a fascinating plea to retard human evolution and remind us what it may have been like to use a public restroom in 1983.

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