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The 2012 Esri user conference — the 3,000 mile view

I am devoid of conference swag. I missed the San Diego tweetup. I didn’t down any geobeers.

I follow the 2012 Esri User Conference via Twitter as I sit in my office in New Brunswick. and several other trusted tweeters are on location, tweeting every happening in near-real time. Just as riveting is the commentary of who, like me, and from afar.

This setup gives me a different vantage point from those in the midst of the conference cacophony. So I’ll give you the 3,000-mile view.

  • “Cloud” and “open” are the themes of this year’s show, with “cloud” edging out “open” by a slight margin.


  • Esri’s collaboration with Microsoft is tighter than ever.
  • There is a .
  • Twitter needs a #geohipster hashtag.


This is it. Really.