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You should totally order the 2015 GeoHipster calendar

Why order the ? Because, for one, you need a 2015 calendar. But also because the calendar features the work of thirteen amazing cartographers from all over the world, like this map below from the month of April. The calendar is packed with cartographic art, which will brighten your room year-long. Finally, because your purchase will help keep running ad-free.

So order one for yourself, and several more for holiday gifts.

2015 GeoHipster calendar - April - Map by Bill Morris
2015 GeoHipster calendar – April – Map by Bill Morris
GeoHipster 2015 Calendar cover layout

IMPORTANT! The screenshot below is intended ONLY to give an overview of the overall layout — which map goes on which page, etc. When you order the 2015 calendar, you will get the 2015 calendar. You can verify this by reviewing each individual page online before you order.

GeoHipster 2015 Calendar 12-month layout

The Cyclenox

If you are unfamiliar with (new website coming soon is ), it is because I just invented it an hour ago.

Cyclenox is a New Brunswick/Highland Park cycling meetup event happening twice a year, loosely coinciding with the vernal and the autumnal  (hence Cyclenox, get it?). The idea is to meet fellow cycling enthusiasts from our area and perhaps go for a ride together.

The Vernal Cyclenox 2013 will begin at 11:00 am on Saturday, March 23, 2013, in Highland Park, New Jersey. Ideas and suggestions for the event are welcome, either in the comments below (preferable), or by email to

I look forward to the event — seeing old friends, and making new ones. I have created a — please add yourself if you are planing to attend.

Vernal Cyclenox 2013 Highland Park New Jersey
Vernal Cyclenox 2013 Highland Park New Jersey

2012 holiday greeting media study

Remember when we used to send and receive Christmas cards via the US Postal Service? I do. But we don’t do that any more. For one, we now send Holiday cards instead. And in what seems to be a fast-growing trend, we don’t send paper cards any more.

In this totally unscientific study I attempt to measure the extent of the latter trend. Below is a chart showing what holiday greetings I have received so far (December 25, 2012):