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My final political commentary

After a long-time professional acquaintance reacted adversely to , I realized that it’s time for me to stop commenting publicly on political affairs. It’s bad for business. But before I make my exit, let me share what I’ve learned from the recent government shutdown debacle:

  • The country is clearly not being run by the people’s elected representatives. I don’t know by whom, but .
  • The forces that run the country clearly don’t have the American people’s best interests at heart. If they have hearts, that is.

So this is my final political commentary. From now on I’ll stick to dick jokes.

How to respond to graffiti

I give you two ways to respond to graffiti, both found on the twitters. You can either hire someone to remove the graffiti (left), or you can ironically embrace them and ironically turn them into an ironical piece of art. Ironically, of course. Or maybe sarcastically (right).

Two ways to respond to graffiti
Two ways to respond to graffiti

Here is a full transcript of the bathroom graffiti label:


Lincoln, NE. 1996

I Lack Creativity, 2011

sharpie on drywall: 35 x 48 cm

In an attempt to abandon aesthetics, I Lack Creativity by Anonymous showcases an antiquated hieroglyph that has remained unchanged since the late 70s. Here, Anon makes a fascinating plea to retard human evolution and remind us what it may have been like to use a public restroom in 1983.

Image sources: ;

PRISM and a Soviet-era joke

Generations of Eastern Europeans grew up with jokes like the one below. As a result, this Eastern European isn’t surprised in the slightest by the current PRISM “revelations” — just amused by the ensuing tempest in a teapot. Friends: Develop a sense of humor.

USSR, 1975: Arkady Ivanov travels on business. He must share a hotel room for the night with two strangers — Boris and Vadim. Arkady wants to sleep, but Boris and Vadim keep telling political jokes, laughing hysterically after each one, keeping Arkady awake. Arkady asks them to stop, Boris and Vadim won’t.

Arkady leaves the room to go to the bathroom (one on each floor), and asks the concierge: “Can you please bring some tea to room 307 in ten minutes?” Arkady returns to his room, and after a while leans into the ashtray and says: “This is Major Ivanov. Please bring tea to the room.” In a minute the concierge knocks on the door and brings in the tea.

Boris and Vadim look at each other, then at Arkady. Dead silence sets in. Arkady finally falls asleep.

Arkady wakes up next morning to see that Boris and Vadim are gone. “Where are the other two?” — he asks the concierge. “Oh, Major Ivanov took them. He was supposed to take you, too, but he liked your joke very much so he cut you a break this time.”

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is a bunch of idiots

The International Olympic Committee has no sense of humo(u)r

[UPDATE 08/08/2012] As expected, the video has resurfaced. This time hosted on a Dutch website (and probably elsewhere). Congrats to the author Proinnseas Ó hUiginn ( on Twitter). I hope this debacle gives him a ton of exposure, which he rightly deserves.

I am embedding the video for your viewing pleasure. International Olympic Committee (IOC) PR gaffe description below the video.

[ORIGINAL POST] Yesterday one of the funniest videos I have ever seen went viral. It was a mock commentary over video footage of an Olympic sailing event. It was mocking the TV commentators, not the event. It was funny, it was witty, it was sharp. It made the rounds among my sailing and non-sailing friends alike, it got posted all over social media. It went viral, which is what every event organizer loves, and what marketing teams strive for, often in vain.

So what does the International Olympic Committee (IOC) do? Does it thank the author? Do they offer him free tickets to an event? Do they invite him to a cocktail party to meet some of the athletes? No! They order the video removed on copyright infringement grounds. You can see the notice (screenshot below).

What a bunch of humo(u)rless idiots! They wouldn’t recognize good publicity if it bit them in the ass. Apparently, they haven’t heard of the , either.

International Olympic Committee boats video removed Vimeo
A screenshot of the International Olympic Committee takedown notice on Vimeo, where the “Boats” video used to be

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