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Yandex Browser blocks malware

After I made Yandex Browser my default browser, many social media friends poked fun at me, as expected. Jokes about Russian hackers started flying (at least I think they were jokes).

Yandex Browser honeymoon continues

Today Yandex Browser justified my trust. After clicking on a Twitter link from a very reputable source, Yandex Browser navigated to The Atlantic, then instantly threw a malware warning (screenshot below). I have seen similar warnings from Google Chrome.

Yandex browser malware warning
Yandex browser malware warning

Full text of warning:

Visiting www.theatlantic.com
may harm your computer

A webpage on www.theatlantic.com is attempting to download information from cdn.komoona.com, which contains malware. The owner of the site may be completely unaware of any malware installed on the site by hackers.

You can see more detailed information about the threat or a cached version of the site on the threat information page.

Ignore warning Leave this page

Yandex Browser is a great alternative to Chrome and Firefox [UPDATE: NOT!]

[UPDATE July 12, 2013] Forty days into this daring experiment, I have uninstalled Yandex.Browser and reverted to using Google Chrome as my default browser. Yandex kept crashing more and more frequently, also silently. In the last few days Yandex started crashing my PC. I have not seen so many BSODs (Blue Screen Of Death) in a very long time.


Meet my new browser — Yandex Browser ().

Some time ago, fed up with the bloatware (and, rumor has it, spyware) that modern browsers had become, I declared that I would be switching to . And switch I did.

I loved Chromium for its speed and no-frills performance, but it lacked some features. I wished I had the skills to customize Chromium and add just the features I needed. I did not, however, so I silently reverted to using Chrome and Firefox.

Today I discovered that had built the Chromium customization I wanted. Yandex.Browser is now my default browser, and I’m very happy with it. Give it a shot ().