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Comcast to customer: “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”

Why is Comcast like Hotel California? Because “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”.

Listen below to this pathetic, desperate Comcast service representative refusing to cancel a customer’s account. Which is why you should never, NEVER EVER become a Comcast customer in the first place.

There’s a bit of karmic irony in this story. Eight years ago (to the day!) a made the rounds, in which an AOL customer tried in vain to cancel his AOL account. In today’s call the customer is no other than .


Grimmie is the new Aguilera

“The Voice” contestant Christina Grimmie blows me away. Her  of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” is currently , ahead of John Legend, Idina Menzel, and Justin Timberlake. Way ahead of coach Shakira (35) and the next closest contestant Audra McLaughlin (40).

I predict that Christina Grimmie will win The Voice, hands down.

Below is Christina’s rendition of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” for the blind auditions.

Jurnalizm, the ABC way

How is this not like ?

In case you haven’t heard it yet, here’s the story: A “funnyman” tricks a US Olympic athlete into tweeting a fake video purporting to show a wolf on the loose in the athlete’s hotel in Sochi. The funnyman’s network (ABC) knows about the plan, but keeps mum. The story goes viral, as other legit news networks (NBC, CNN) report it as true. The funnyman goes “Sike!” ABC goes:”It is a piece of comedy.” Ha-ha!

Not everyone’s laughing.   and managing editor overseeing Olympics coverage:

“It wasn’t just that it was a potentially viral video. The news was that security may have been breached where the athletes stay. How did a wolf get into a place that was supposedly fortified? Was there a hole in the fence? Were there other weaknesses? How did it get past the guards? Was it even a wolf? These were all legitimate questions in the context of what has been reported about Sochi.”

In my opinion this “prank” goes well beyond stupid and irresponsible, into malicious and probably criminal. Confession: I am a little angrier than usual because I thought the story was true and shared it on social media as such. I am also no fan of ABC’s for other reasons.

Here’s the video:

The Super Bowl: Kabuki theatre for 21st-Century America

Oblivious A.T.’s potpourri of impressions from Super Bowl XLVIII

I only watch one football game per year. Apparently it’s illegal to call it Super Bowl any more, but I don’t care. Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl. SuperBowl. #superbowl. (hi, !)

So, without further adieu (joke!), here are some impressions:

  • The TV image is crisper than I ever remember seeing it (on the same set).
  • Why are the Broncos orange? Orange is reserved for Florida, or — in extreme circumstances — Georgia. The Broncos are white (remember OJ?). I kept getting confused throughout the game.
  • is live-tweeting the show, as he did the Grammys two weeks ago. One of many parallels between the two spectacles. Other: Bulgarian-Canadian , as are Sir Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell, Michael Douglas, etc.
  • I don’t understand the game.
  • GoDaddy commercial: Superimposing Danica Patrick’s face on a bodybuilder’s torso is grotesque. I get it: This year the males are the meat, the female is a business owner. Nice try, still disgusting.
  • Bruno Mars and the Chili Peppers slay the half-time show.
  • Bob Dylan appears in an artsy vintagey commercial for an Italian car manufacturer. The times, they are-a-changing. Fo sho.
  • A Belgian brewing conglomerate panders to the US military. Anything for a buck.
  • Maserati reminds me that I need one of their cars.
  • Nancy Shevell, Paul McCartney’s wife — always classy — looks younger and prettier every time I see her.
  • By comparison, Michael Douglas looks like he has aged ten years in two weeks. How did he get so old in the two weeks since the Grammys?
  • The Broncos won. Or maybe it was Seattle. The white team won. Good for them. I feel genuinely happy for the coach, who looks like a genuinely nice guy.
  • OK, new Sherlock at 9:58. Switching to 13.

I borrowed the title for this post from my friend .

Lorde will win a Grammy tonight

[UPDATE January 27, 2014] You can buy Lorde’s album
(featuring the Grammy-winning song “Royals”) from Amazon.


Everybody will be talking about Lorde tomorrow, so let me get ahead of the pack and predict that Lorde will win a Grammy tonight with “Royals” — for Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year, or both. (Here is the .)

Below is the original “Royals” video. The subsequently-released US version removed the tennis court scenes in the end, for some strange reason.

Marrialle Sellars may have just won American Idol Season 13

What do you get when you cross Miley Cyrus with Beyoncé? You get 17-year-old Marrialle Sellars, who dominated the Detroit auditions of American Idol Season XIII, and — according to this observer — already won the competition.

Marrialle Sellars
Marrialle Sellars | Source: Facebook

See Marrialle’s audition, performing Grenade by Bruno Mars:

Tag Heuer Monaco watch in Breaking Bad and Sherlock (BBC version)

It looks like (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy), which owns , has shelled out some big bucks to have the appear on the wrists of Walter White and Dr. Watson — major characters in the TV shows and , respectively.

The Monaco is undoubtedly a lovely timepiece, and LVMH is clearly putting a lot of resources into its promotion. However, I don’t think a square watch will ever come close to the iconic status of or (later) , which is clearly what LVMH is gunning for.

Tag Heuer Monaco watch Breaking Bad Walter White Sherlock Dr. Watson collage
Tag Heuer Monaco watch Breaking Bad Walter White Sherlock Dr. Watson collage

You can buy the watch from Amazon:

Walter White’s house on Google Maps (Breaking Bad)

I give you two Google Maps views of Walter White’s house in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as seen on the hit TV show Breaking Bad.

Google Maps (aerial view):

Google Street View:

Google Maps user has put together a full map tour of Breaking Bad’s Albuquerque, complete with “Los Pollos Hermanos”, Walt and Skyler’s car wash, and Gus Fring’s House:

View in a larger map

Bad British NFL commentary

This is quite funny. (via )

“This is the big one — the NFL semi-finals. Whoever wins this game goes through to the Super Bowl.

It’s Alabama vs. Notre Dame. Wow, a French team! Good luck to them.

Alabama make the Super Bowl and earn a bonus crystal in the process.”